Friction in Digital Assets Trading Allows Capturing Abnormal Returns

While growing, cryptocurrencies and digital assets lack maturity and trust among trading parties, leading to market friction and elevated transaction costs. Geographic dispersion, varying regulatory regimes and the lack of standards inhibits buyers and sellers of crypto assets from engaging in efficient trades.

ArrowTrade AG bridges the financing gap between buyers and sellers of digital assets while realizing a significant spread for its investors. The capital invested via the Credit Linked Note (CLN) is deployed daily to enable trades and financing returns, resulting in daily uncorrelated income for investors.

Trade Financing Investment Flow

Unique Investment Properties


ArrowTrade AG has developed a uniquely secure and efficient trading solution which aims to minimize risk while profiting from increasing investment activity in crypto assets.


The SPV which issues the CLN solely engages with leading regulated entities (FCA or FINMA regulated financial intermediaries).


Through ArrowTrade AG’s vast industry network, the company can source and capitalize on investment opportunities at favourable conditions.


We are in the process of obtaining a SRO license/membership in order to be an SRO affiliated financial intermediary and digital asset investment consultant. A qualified, skilled and experienced team of advisors specialized in tailored solutions for alternative assets, trading and advisory.

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