ETH Trading Bot

Take advantage of automated quantitative analysis to generate signals on crypto currency pairs. Through our technology partner (Aureum Victoria) we crunch millions of data points by using machine learning algorithms to understand the probability of a currencyy pair’s gain or loss. Once the AI based software derived a certain probability threshold of a potentially winning trade, we issue a trade signal which is then used by the platforms we use for trading (Binance) or directly the customer’s platform to initiate the trade.

The strategy is fully automated and doesn’t require any effort from our clients. Every 15 seconds the software analyses orderbooks, scans the market looking for new value trades. Every trade is weighted against a risk management strategy and, if the value is worth the risk, the strategy will automatically take the position.

Unique Investment Properties


Through its exclusive technology partnership with Cryptohopper, Arrowtrade is able to crunch through millions of data points to identify and trade value trades automatically every 15 seconds.


Being on of the first applications of AI in cryptocurrenty trading, Aureum Victoria has built robust machine learning and risk management models which are leveraged by Cryptohopper. Based on the generated signals, Arrowtrade in partnership with Aureum Victoria executes the trades on various crypto platforms.


Through the Ethereum Bot, ArrowTrade offers attractive return prospects while being truly uncorrelated to every asset class.

Historical Performance example


We are in the process of obtaining a SRO license/membership in order to be an SRO affiliated financial intermediary and digital asset investment consultant. A qualified, skilled and experienced team of advisors specialized in tailored solutions for alternative assets, trading and advisory.

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