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Bitcoin is the first blockchain technology application. It was revolutionary and defined the first widely used digital currency, called cryptocurrency. The crypto part of the name refers to the use of cryptographic hashes to ensure the integrity of the blockchain. The shared ledger literally keeps a copy of every cryptocurrency transaction that gets verified by all nodes. Using this approach, bitcoin created a permanent record of every exchange of their cryptocurrency. And, because account owners are identified only by an address, bitcoin has always enjoyed a measure of anonymity.

As bitcoin became more and more popular, researchers began to see more applications for blockchain technology beyond cryptocurrency.


Ethereum was designed from the beginning to be different than BTC. The core features of Ethereum are the smart contract and ether. Ether is the native cryptocurrency that Ethereum supports, although you can create your own tokens to exchange value in many other forms. Smart contracts provide an execution environment that ensures integrity across all nodes. Any code that executes on one node executes the same way on all nodes. This guarantee makes it possible to deploy a wide range of applications across untrusted environments.


The foundational guarantees Cryptocurrencies or assets provide support many types of value exchanges without the concern about fraud, censorship, or any involvement by a third party. When you interact with an Ethereum application for instance, you don’t have to rely on any intermediary to broker your transactions. You don’t need a bank, wholesaler, or transaction broker to provide trust. As a result of Cryptocurrencies disintermediation, you can often complete transactions faster, with far lower service fees and without requiring approval from external authorities.
In addition to a currency like Bitcoin, Ethereum is a comprehensive, decentralized application platform that expands the range of capabilities beyond what was possible before blockchain technology. Whereas legacy solutions to data and process sharing required third-party authorities to enforce integrity, Ethereum provides process and data integrity, along with disintermediation.


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