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ArrowTrade AG


Overview of ArrowTrade AG:

ArrowTrade AG is a corporation registered in Switzerland. The company’s purpose is to develop and provide services in the field of electronic trading of all kinds of assets, especially in the field of digitalized currencies. The company does not act as a securities trader, but rather generates trading signals based on the price development of the securities on digital trading platforms. These trading signals are made available to customers for a fee. The customer then trades on his own account and risk, and on an independent platform. In addition, the company conducts trade on its own account, for which it also provides financing on its own account.

The trading signals are generated by specialized software, which is mainly based on the analysis of trends and rule-based indicators. These signals in turn are then further processed by so-called bots, which, depending on the pre-selected parameters for each bot, then generate individual filters of the signals, and only then generate active trading commands as a result.

In this way, various value-specific and risk-optimised trading characteristics can be generated, which can then be implemented in a trading system running on the customer’s name and platform, depending on customer requirements or external specifications.

Furthermore, ArrowTrade aims to register and make its business subject to the Swiss Banking Act as a regulated financial intermediary, and is currently in the process of applying fort an SRO licence for this purpose.


ArrowTrade AG is not directly supervised by FINMA, thus accounts with ArrowTrade AG are not protected by an external institution or scheme.



We are in the process of obtaining a SRO license/membership in order to be an SRO affiliated financial intermediary and digital asset investment consultant. A qualified, skilled and experienced team of advisors specialized in tailored solutions for alternative assets, trading and advisory.

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